Surgical Forceps

Since we have designed and 3D printed some surgical instruments we understand that only surgical forceps are left for a basic surgical set.

As the part gets thicker on a 3D printed part in our case the material is PLA

Roux-Langenbeck Retractor

It is always a great pleasure to create something which is not available on the market. While brain storming with our medical advisor he mentioned about combining two instruments in one instrument. What comes to engineers mind is something like …

Tendon Retractor

After completion of first project the NEU 3D Laboratory decided on working some medical operational instrument with thin features and “tendon retractor” is chosen.

From the design aspect this instrument has some very important features which has to be …

A New Laboratory is Born!

Engineering and medicine is completely different two major areas. In today’s world all professions are interacting with each other for better results in their respective areas.

As a university with a research hospital located on campus, it was expected that …