A Visit From Ministry of Health

The Ministry of Health of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus visited the NEU 3D Laboratories yesterday. After informing Minister of Health Dr. Dt. Filiz Besim about our laboratory, we talked about our works and new projects.

NEU 3D Laboratories Medical Advisor Assoc. Prof. Dr. Emil Mammadov talked about the use of 3D printing technologies in medicine and education. At the same time, the process of 3D modeling and printing was mentioned. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Emil Mammadov talked about the importance of 3D printing technologies, the working process and the convenience it brings to the operations and also showed the 3D printing models of medical devices such as functional surgical tools. Also, the process of 3D printing were shown to the guests.

The interest to our BioPrinter were huge. The working process of the BioPrinter and what is a BioPrinter is explained to the board. We talked about future projects using the revolutionary BioPrinter. Minister of Health, Dr. Dt. Filiz Besim who liked our work said that, she would follow us with interest.

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