The story of Marsha

Meet Marsha! She is 2.5 years old, a doggy that loves playing games, but unfortunately harshly moving. Our sweet friend Marsha was brought to the Near East University Animal Hospital with the problem of the Achilles tendon, which cannot be repaired. Due to the received wound, one of her leg muscles has stretched, and made it unable for leg to function. Imagine, she could only stand on 3 paws! The only possible solution to the problem is a special treatment.

The Near East University 3D Laboratories has produced a solution that will recover Marsha under guidance of our Veterinary doctors. After the physics she had received in order to open her leg muscles during the day, she should not have kept her bend at the bending position, which made her feel more comfortable in the evening. A splint usually designed for people, but which is also used for animals, called Schröder-Thomas, was required. A special 3D printed splint with dimensions and shape determined through collaboration of NEU 3D Laboratories and NEU Animal Hospital, was created for Marsha, so that she could keep her leg stretched after the physical therapy process. In a short period of three days work, the results were pretty good-the knee joint stretching angle of about 110 degrees has risen up to 135 degrees!

Marsha’s treatment still continues. Recent condition is that she can step on the floor on toe. In order for Marsha to be able to fully step on her leg and to elevate, NEU 3D Laboratories works closely together with Near East University Animal Hospital and Rehabilitation Department. Thanks to the height that will be reached with the help of 3D printed material, if Marsha gives weight to her leg, no additional treatment is needed because her leg muscles will be strong enough. Thus, the further reduction of spasms in Marsha’s leg is seen, so that leg is becoming completely healthy.
Get well soon, dear Marsha!

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