First project of NEU 3D Laboratories presented in Turkey

The NEU 3D Laboratories had an opportunity to present their first successful projects at the 33 National Pediatric Surgery Congress in Antalya in November 2015. The laboratory has begun its research and activities under the Experimental Health Sciences Research Centre of Near East University in the year 2015.

Press and Public Relations Directorate of NEU have organized an interview with the co-founder of NEU 3D Laboratories, Dr. Emil Mammadov, who presented the study titled “Using 3D Printing Method in Pediatric Surgery: First Impressions”.

As Dr. Emil pointed out;

“Even though 3D prints have got access into the health sector quite late, nevertheless, this access was quite fast. We believe that we have to keep up with the latest developments in the field of 3D printing and medicine. We are grateful for the chance, provided by Near East University, to conduct research in this sector. Initially we started to work as a project, which turned out to be a laboratory which is actively conducting three different studies in with various departments. We are ready to share the results of our studies with the world, and we also have great aspirations to improve our knowledge and skills in the 3D printing sector. Our doors are always open for those who are interested in science and those who are willing to conduct studies with us.”

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