Near East University 3D Laboratories, Faculty of Veterinary and Hospital Collaboration

Near East University 3D Laboratories has been working with the Near East Hospital for more than 2 years. From the very beginning 3D Laboratories is collaborating with the pediatric surgeon and medical supervisor, Assist. Prof. Dr. Emil MAMMADOV. Together we have designed and manufactured many operation room instruments. They were printed in our laboratory, sterilized in Near East University Hospital and are currently used by students in the school of medicine and by doctors in the surgery. The ophthalmologist, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Koray KARADAYI and Dr. Çağrı GÜLTEKİN from the faculty of veterinary, in cooperation with the NEU 3D Laboratories have manufactured technical instruments, which will make revolutionize the cataract surgery and the patent application for the device already submitted.

Moreover, NEU3D Laboratories working with more doctors in Near East University Hospital, recently the neurologist, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Bahar KAYMAKAMZADE, while working with NEU 3D laboratories has printed the 3D model of a human scalp from a CT scan in 1:1 scale. She began to teach her students from the faculty of medicine using this model. Dr. Bahar made also a presentation according to her experience of teaching on 3D printed human scalp during the 3rd Congress of European Academy of Neurology in Amsterdam in June 24-27, 2017. According to the doctor;

“It is very useful and helpful for students to acquire theoretical knowledge first, and then apply it into the practice. So, the use of 3D model helped a lot in practical studying.”

It is worth to mention, that the co-work of Near East University 3D Laboratories and Near East Hospital is a big step forward. Even though, it is only 2 years of cooperation, the results are greater, than we expected. Due to the presence of the last technological inventions in our 3D Laboratory, the studying and working processes in the NEU Hospital much improved. We are trying to keep up with the fast evolving technology and moreover, we try to improve and become one of the best 3D Laboratories.

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