New Tools

As a laboratory which has close relations with Near East Hospital we try to give them more tools and instruments to make our doctors and medical staff life easier.

On our May 24th blog post we mentioned there that we were working on surgical forceps. And in the end the surgical forceps even with pivot support in the middle wasn’t approved by our advising doctors at that time. For the education of us engineers, the doctors time to time even bring us to observe the dynamics of the operation room. During one of these visits, one of the engineers observed how the hospital grade stainless steel forceps work. From the mechanical aspect of the design, even with no force the tips of the tweezer touches when more force is applied the steel goes under elastic deformation which can be seen by human eye. There is also a pivot present on the steel forceps, which creates the resulting force in the tip of the design much more. A week ago, the advising doctor came to laboratory and asked about new forceps which is able to hold a tissue.

Since we are working very busy, time to time we use predesigned parts from open access websites. While searching for forceps designs we come across a good model with pivots on the both sides of the forceps, which is needed because of PLA elasticity is much more than stainless steel. On these new forceps, a thin blunt tip with 15 teeth present.

Scalpel or lancet, is a small and extremely sharp bladed instrument used very commonly in the field of medicine. We have been informed that there is a need for more scalpels in the university. Since the blades are plenty in numbers all we needed to do is to print some scalpel handles to fit the blades on.

These two new tools are printed with yellow PLA 210 ̊C print head and 60 ̊C print bed. 5 of each tool are printed and already took place in the respective areas.

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