3d Printed Prosthetic Hand

Near East University 3D Laboratories and NEU Robotics Lab. started working on a collaborative 3d printed prosthetic hand.

About a month ago NEU3D Laboratories introduced, which was first used in the Department of Pediatric Surgery, was first obtained from actual patient imaging (tomography, MRI) and was able to show the complete pathology of the patient, and the patients started to be informed in depth about the disease or the operation to be performed.

The long robust design phase was carried out with the ongoing robotic hand in the 3D printer in the lab within the previous week. As our approach to all our projects we started with a close approximation of the end goal. We designed a hand which can mimic the human hand but not in all aspects. We would like to see the proof of concept.

Also, we would like to design this hand in a way not only it can be used in robotic projects but also can be used a prosthetic hand in the future.

After the necessary tests done on the prototype and when we become quite satisfied with it we will continue on to our second-generation 3d printed hand, full-functional prosthetic hand production would be done in time.

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