Miniature Architectural Models

As a 3d printing laboratory located in a university we always face with different kind of challenges. Last week a student from Near East University Faculty of Architecture came and asked about if we can 3d print “miniature furniture” and signs for his project.

This miniature furniture is not something that we usually work on. Since we are not specialized on printing architectural models, it was a challenge that we wanted to take. Also, the student needed to show his work in 2 days so we needed to print everything as fast as possible.

On our previous blog post we mentioned that we are struggling with ABS print quality. We firstly tried to print the parts with ABS, but we were facing with non-sticking to build plate and poor print quality on these miniature parts. So, we switched back to the known turf and put a PLA filament on the 3D printer.

The miniature furniture includes; bar stools, piano, benches, guitar signs, columns, coffee tables, and stairs. Since the time was our limiting factor we arrange the build plate in a way like an injection-molded plastic scale model kit.

Printing specs

Nozzle: 0.6mm
Print Plate: 60 C
Nozzle Temperature: 210 C Print Time: 4 hours/plate
Layer Height: 0.6mm
Filament: ColorFabb Yellow PLA

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