Printing with a new Material

NEU3D Laboratories have been working on 3d printers more than 2 years now. With two 3d printers we are all the time working on PLA material. PLA become a part of NEU3D Laboratories heated plate, non- heated plate, nozzle temperatures varying from 190-215 degree Celsius. pre-heated plate, pre-heated nozzle, print speeds, we know a lot about PLA and how it reacts while printing with different types of designs we have.

Since we are mainly focused 3D printing in the field of medicine PLA is the material to go because of its FDA approval. That’s why PLA is the material for us and also white is our color to see our faults better.

Eventhough we have ABS material in our stock for more than 5 months none of us were eager to use it until the day we feel adventures.

60 degree Celsius heated plate caused a lot of sticking problem to the build plate, we kept on increasing the build plate temperature to 100 degree Celsius. Raising the temperature up to this level caused the glue stick on the build plate to dry out very fast. After figuring out when to put the glue stick to the plate new problem occurred as expected; the print temperature. Under flow and over flow issues also appeared.

Although we have the final prints for now at least we have a completed print. The shrinkage looks like a problem. We observe in some areas of the 3d print shrinkage is over 0.5mm which is for our design unacceptable tolerance.

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