Surgical Forceps

Since we have designed and 3D printed some surgical instruments we understand that only surgical forceps are left for a basic surgical set.

As the part gets thicker on a 3D printed part in our case the material is PLA by the way, the elasticity goes down. Before the design we know that there will be non-slip handle, teeth to grab something on the tip of the forceps, thin enough to use the elasticity but also strong enough not to break easily.

Surgical Forceps

The tip of the forceps should be designed in a way which will be thin and also inside of the tip should have some teeth to hold and pull. After the first couple of designs and prints, engineering team understand that there isn’t enough force at the tip of the forceps to hold and pull and also the teeth design isn’t helpful at all.

Engineering team added a pivot support to the mechanical design which is not interfering with medical use and increasing the force at the tip point of the forceps. Even though the resulting product is good the advising doctors didn’t find it as useful as the original. So team decided to make another design from the scratch.

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