Roux-Langenbeck Ecarteur

Roux-Langenbeck Retractor

It is always a great pleasure to create something which is not available on the market. While brain storming with our medical advisor he mentioned about combining two instruments in one instrument. What comes to engineers mind is something like sporks that campers use all the time. In our case one end is going to be a roux retractor and the other end is langenbeck retractor.

Roux part was already drawn, tested and 3D printed. So the deal is to design and test the langenbeck end. As our advisor doctor requested the langenbeck part is going to be a little bit longer than the roux end which was a convenience in the design so that with a respectively large radius the corner can be strengthened. The tip of the langenbeck end supposed to be sharp so the design is revisioned couple of times to have the best result from the 3D printer.

Roux-Langenbeck Retractor

We observe while 3D printing if the long side is located on the plane the sharp parts of both Roux and Langenbeck ends comes out not as expected also the inside curveture of the roux part is not as smooth as it is supposed to be because of the support structure. Printing the design on its side with %100 infill gave us the best result and we had the end product.

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