Roux Retractor Design, Test & 3D Print

As a new born laboratory we wanted to start with a simple but mostly used instrument in surgical operations. While choosing this part of course the engineers needed advising from the doctors. Also in couple of meetings which aspects of the design is important discussed.

Innovation doesn’t always mean to create something which is not done before, but also means a new method to make old school things. As our first project 3D Laboratories decided to make Roux Retractor.

The project is divided into three parts and all the parts have the same importance with respect to each other.

Roux Retractor Design, Test & 3D Print

Design process is always painful because the engineer starts with a blank screen. The hardest part is always to draw the first line. Although you know that you cannot reach the perfect design on the first try you have to draw and model the first part. After the first version was designed our advising doctor suggested that the length of the Roux Retractor is too long, second design was too short, third design was too thick, fourth design had small radius that a finger cannot fit in. And the fifth design looked fine until the mechanical testing comes out from the computer simulation, that some parts of the design is lacking strength that it will break easily.

On the sixth design the computer simulations comes out nicely and it is ready to 3D printed. Also technical drawings are not easily understandable by non engineers so there were some 3D renderings done.

In the NEU 3D Laboratories we have one 3D printer which uses FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling) technology. It is not easy to reach the results that is expected at the first try. After struggling with under extrusion, over extrusion, build plate calibration, and poor quality filaments we have the end result in our hands. Now is the time to perfect the the print so after playing around with extrusion speeds, infill and support structures we figure out the best settings for our own Roux Retractor.

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