A New Laboratory is Born!

Engineering and medicine is completely different two major areas. In today’s world all professions are interacting with each other for better results in their respective areas.

As a university with a research hospital located on campus, it was expected that collaboration will start sometime.

Assist. Prof. Emil Mammadov contacted with NEU Robotics Laboratory right after the laboratory bough their first 3D Printer. After couple of brain storming meeting team decided to make some 3D printed surgical instruments.

Talking the same language with an engineer and a doctor is not easy. Too many misunderstandings also too many no understandings. But if the case is to create something that is going to be useful to humanity then every single problem can be tackled.

After the language problem is solved, the first project decided and also the next projects are decided in between NEU Robotics Laboratory and Near East University Hospital the NEU 3D Laboratories are born.

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